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CNC Milling

We have added a full machine shop to our Houston operation in order to produce aftermarket replacement parts for band saws. We have the people and the tools to provide you with the right parts. If you have a question or are unsure about what you need, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you. We are here to help!

CNC Turning

Our CNC turning centers accommodate a wide range of small and large parts with close tolerances, tight concentricity, fine finishes and complex features. The larger lathes turn large parts that weigh as much as 50 lbs. Additionally, our turning centers are configured in cells, allowing the efficiency of simultaneous, multiple turning operations. Each cell includes a jib crane for easy and safe handling of large, heavy parts.

Gear Generating

The use of the Gleeson 12b gear generator has increased throughput of our Marvel 8-1205 band wheel products. Through this process, they have automated the gear cutter and its programs with a mix of in-house custom applications and PCM to yield more robust measurement data with reduced downtimes. One of our Managers offered the following testamonial: "The Gleeson 12b gear generator offered us a lot more than we expected. For example, we have many parts that are built by outside vendors. We never really took the time to measure the incoming parts. We now have the capabiltity to inspect incoming parts - this allows us to verify the specs and make sure that our vendors hold the same tolerances that we do.

Band Saw Repair Parts

Ordering/ Shipping offers expedited shipping worldwide. While there is a standard shipping charge to deliver, there is no rush charge; please call us for pricing. We can also drop ship directly to your facilities outside of the United States. We ship via UPS, Fed EX, or DHL and can charge shipping to your personal shipping account or bill the shipping along with your invoice.

We are a Quality Band Saw Parts supply company that services the sawing industry domestically and internationally. can ship worldwide Via UPS Worldwide Express. We manufactur replacement parts for most brand name saws such as Marvel, DoAll, HEM, Hydmech, Well Saw and Trajan. If you are looking for Kasto Replacement parts; look no further! We stock over 250,000 parts including bearings and belts for your machines, drives, motors and all parts that keep your saw in motion!

24 Hour World Wide Emergency Shipping

Shipping rates for international orders are are based on weight. All international orders are shipped by UPS. Please select UPS Worldwide Express or UPS Worldwide Expedited as your shipping method when placing an order.

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As a leading distributor of Band Saw Parts and services, we provide service and parts for major manfacturers, steel supply warehouses and fabricators in Houston and the South East Texas market

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