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The New Way to Buy Band Saw Blades

German tooth design made here in the USA

The best of both worlds, German Quality while made with American labor. Haltbar is a premium bi-metal band saw blade. Designed in Germany and made in the USA. sold by

The German tooth design makes it far more tough and more wear-resistant than other blades. Simply put; We are better than our competition. M42 high speed steel tooth edges provide superior wear and heat and shock resistance. Special German tooth geometry with positive rake is an excellent backer providing one of the most fatigue resistance backers in the industry.

Haltbar Band Saw Blades were designed for companies that require production, yet still have to look at the bottom line - a company like yours. Band Saw Blade Weld Center has a goal of producing the most consistent, highest quality bandsaw blade weld possible. In order to do this we are continually upgrading our welding equipment and training our weld ship personnel. We have the capacity to weld bandsaw blades from 1/8" width to 3 1/8" width.

Haltbar Blade Name Primary Application
Haltbar M42 Series Bi Metal
701 Series Large solid sections of exotic and nickel based alloys
601 Series High production cutting, suitable for a full range of steels up to 45 HRc
501 Series Special bi-Metal blade ideal for structural steel sections, tubes and small solids
Haltbar CT 1000 Series Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades
CT 1001

Carbide Tipped Type I

Aluminum castings, masonite, plastics, composites and abrasive wood

CT 1002

Carbide Tipped Type III

High alloy metals and difficult to machine steels

Haltbar Carbon Steel Blades
201 Series Toolroom and maintenance, low alloy, nonferrous metal
101 Series Light section low alloy steels, nonferrous